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1 Register Affiliate Program

Signing up for the affiliate program is completely free. You can quickly sign up for the affiliate program and start earning income from sales.
Here's what you need to do to successfully complete your registration:

1 fill in the requested information completely.
2 To set a good strategy and fill in the promotion plan part in an interesting way.
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You'll earn a 30% commission for any new subscriptions or on demand credit pack purchases that occur within 14 days of a user clicking on your referral link.

Any registrations that take place within 14 days of a user clicking on your referral link will earn you 0.01 cents.

There's no limit on the amount you can earn, and you can track it all through an intuitive affiliate dashboard.

Remember, producing more content, producing good content and sharing it on many platforms will give you more chances to earn more income. With frequent posts, you can have a continuous income.