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Stylized Weapons 3D Model Pack

3D Stylized Weapons, gun pack.

58 Assets which includes; 17 Game Ready HighPoly and Lods Stylized Weapons, 16 Game Ready HighPoly and Lods Scopes, 5 Game Ready HighPoly and Lods Add-ons, 8 Game Ready HighPoly and Lods Bullets, 12 Game Ready HighPoly and Lods Magazines.

All products have Highpoly and Lod0, Lod1, Lod2 system.
Assets are made with PBR standard with 1k - 2k - 4k - 8k High Quality Textures. Fbx objects are combined mesh.
All are designed piece by piece. The best stylized weapon gaming props for PC, Consoles and Mobile. You can use these props for your any Fps and Tps game and projects.

Number of Unique Meshes: 58
Collision: Custom & Automatically Generated
LODs: HighPoly and Lods
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 58
Number of Textures: 58x36: 2.088 Texture ( Ambient Occlusion , Base Color , Height , Metallic , Normal , NormalLod0 , NormalLod1 , NormalLod2 , Roughness )

Supported Development Platforms:
Windows: Yes
Mac: Yes

Stylized Weapons 3D Model Pack


49.99$ 59.99$

Supported Unreal Engine. Can be use all game engine.
Package contains Unreal Engine, FBX and OBJ files.

HighPoly: 3.299.240 tris.
Lod0: 58.663 tris.
Lod1: 20.140 tris.
Lod2: 6.940 tris.

HighPoly: 2.445.828 tris.
Lod0: 54.256 tris.
Lod1: 18.874 tris.
Lod2: 6.540 tris.

HighPoly: 3.069.016 tris.
Lod0: 43.859 tris.
Lod1: 17.594 tris.
Lod2: 5.294 tris.

HighPoly: 1.934.442 tris.
Lod0: 45.263 tris.
Lod1: 16.067 tris.
Lod2: 5.588 tris.

HighPoly: 3.175.598 tris.
Lod0: 60.323 tris.
Lod1: 21.034 tris.
Lod2: 7.226 tris.

HighPoly: 2.076.468 tris.
Lod0: 50.038 tris.
Lod1: 17.222 tris.
Lod2: 5.884 tris.

HighPoly: 1.977.369 tris.
Lod0: 59.314 tris.
Lod1: 20.716 tris.
Lod2: 7.198 tris.

HighPoly: 1.798.274 tris.
Lod0: 51.478 tris.
Lod1: 18.211 tris.
Lod2: 6.400 tris.

HighPoly: 2.020.904 tris.
Lod0: 51.702 tris.
Lod1: 17.894 tris.
Lod2: 6.206 tris.

HighPoly: 3.190.944 tris.
Lod0: 57.419 tris.
Lod1: 20.080 tris.
Lod2: 6.936 tris.

HighPoly: 1.848.150 tris.
Lod0: 55.435 tris.
Lod1: 19.389 tris.
Lod2: 6.729 tris.

HighPoly: 2.444.446 tris.
Lod0: 54.988 tris.
Lod1: 19.231 tris.
Lod2: 6.693 tris.

HighPoly: 2.714.108 tris.
Lod0: 54.772 tris.
Lod1: 19.300 tris.
Lod2: 6.764 tris.

HighPoly: 2.513.288 tris.
Lod0: 56.407 tris.
Lod1: 19.801 tris.
Lod2: 6.886 tris.

HighPoly: 2.606.650 tris.
Lod0: 45.916 tris.
Lod1: 16.203 tris.
Lod2: 5.602 tris.

HighPoly: 2.579.724 tris.
Lod0: 59.316 tris.
Lod1: 20.742 tris.
Lod2: 7.238 tris.

HighPoly: 1.125.576 tris.
Lod0: 16.920 tris.
Lod1: 5.252 tris.
Lod2: 2.382 tris.

16 HighPoly and Lods Scopes
5 HighPoly and Lods Add-ons
8 HighPoly and Lods Bullets
12 HighPoly and Lods Magazine

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