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What is Render Farm
and How Can use?

Then you are in big trouble! Before embarking on a long adventure take a sit and look at the helpful guide we made for you!

What is render farm and how can use?

What Is Render Farm?

      Render Farm is a network system of high-performance computer hardware, which is used to reduce the rendering time of large graphic projects and make it minimum.

      Through the developing technology, there has been a lot of innovation in our daily lives. However, in some situations, individual computers become insufficient for creating projects. Since these computers completed this process in a long time, some users' work was disrupted. Render Farm is a system produced to solve this exact problem. Thanks to this system, creating games, movies, drawings, or 3D models developed through certain programs and applications become easier.

      There are not many companies that can provide the correct service for Render Farm solutions in the world. In this regard, beyond dispute, the best choice is the XRender Company which is a global technology company specializing in processing farm services. The leading Lotpixel company in Turkey continues to provide the most accurate and satisfaction-oriented service to users in this field by collaborating with www.xrender.cloud which is the leader of the Render Farm industry with thousands of users worldwide.

What Does Render Farm Do?

      With the development of technology number of new needs occurs, and Render Farm is one of them. Since the output of the project (processing) performance is very low in corporate or individual computers, people rent high-performance computers to reduce the rendering time to a minimum. Processing farms are central rooms crafted with special techniques and equipped with high-end GPU processors. Users can access their GPU-deficient computers via remote connection and get projects to render that can take days in a few minutes. Our age brings a new concept, which is speed therefore time-saving become very important in commercial life. For this reason, individuals and institutions for into solution partnerships with companies that offer Render Farm services in terms of the sustainability of their business. Let’s say you are designing 2 minutes animation film, in order to get this project’s rendered your computer needs to spend 6 to 10 hours on average. In addition to that, it is not possible to work on another project while this service is processing. Therefore, people need XRender. XRender can perform your file processing that may take 6 hours in just a few minutes with its Render Farm field with high CPU processors. Thanks to this, users gain time and keep their work.

What Are the Benefits of Render Farm?

      Render Farm systems are designed with large hardware infrastructure to accelerate the creation of graphics-intensive projects. Users generally do not prefer this service for their low graphics and frame number projects as their computer system can easily achieve this process. However, this situation changes in detailed and high-data projects. In order to reduce the processing time from days to hours or even minutes working with machining centers is necessary.

So what are the benefits of Render Farm service? These can be grouped under four main headings:

  • Quick Result: With Render Farm, processing times for files can be reduced greatly.
  • Reaching High-Performance: Computer utilization is maximized thanks to high-scale GPU processors located on render farms.
  • Preventing Overheating and Loss of Power: If the file renders are taken from personal computers, overheating and loss of power may occur. Thanks to Render Farm, this problem is completely eliminated.
  • Uninterrupted and Sustainable Operation: Since you are using processing farms such as LotPixel, your own operation is not likely to be interrupted.

How to use XRender?

Render Farm Services

      The working logic of a Render Farm system is the place where low-performance computer hardware demands high performance, these demands are fulfilled in the fastest and most accurate way by it. The working principle of all processing farms is the same although it varies according to the nature of the requested project.

Two methods are used during this process. The first one is to send the file that the user wants to be processed to the Render Farm center and to process that project by the expert teams there. In addition, the second method is to access the user’s computer network remotely and instantaneously process the data thereby the processing farm network. Generally, the second method is preferred more frequently by users since it is easier.

About XRender

      XRender is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D and application of 3D cloud visual computing technology. It takes "Create an ecosphere of the visual industry and bring infinite possibilities for creation with cloud computing" as its mission, and uses "cloud rendering tools" as the carrier.

With the continuous efforts of its professional R&D team, technical team and service team, XRender keeps upgrading its products, optimizing its services, and is dedicated to providing cloud rendering service for 3D content production industries such as animation, VFX, industrial design, interior design, AR/VR and so on.

LotPixel is an experienced company that has been providing this service for many years through its high-performance hardware. Most importantly, it adopted the principle of satisfaction and pleasure as its working principle. Moreover, this company, which sells 3D models and textures to the film, game, and architectural sector with the realistic 'Photogrammetry' method, has a leading position in its field. In addition to that, its cooperation with the industry’s leading Render Farm Company such as XRender increases its popularity day by day.

Finally, I am mentioning the platform that we are collaborating with Render Farm. With Xrender we are collaborating with a virtual server company to assist you while rendering programs such as Unreal Engine, Corona, Vray, Octone, Lumion, Enscape. We arranged 80 % discount + 25$ extra discount for you. If you want to take advantage of this discount, you can go to the discounted registration page from the link below.

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