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About Us


The Lotpixel Firm's installation was completed in June 2020. We serve as a firm that is focused on science and technology, following the innovation and working to be the best in our field. We aim to be a firm that is high quality, innovative and continues to make a name for itself by taking a place in this developing sector with the innovation of technology.

Our aim is to follow the constantly evolving technology and to ensure its development with realistic content. We sell products made by 3D artist, CGI artists and game makers and continue to provide the same service to the architectural sector. Our products are completely digital oriented and we continue to know no limits in service. We continue to progress by producing content such as Texture, 3D Model, Assest Pack and Decal. We continue to shine a light on our way while aiming to make a difference. We make many projects with ambition, work ethic, determination and desire to reach the best. We aim to create and develop projects that are creative and ahead of our time.

LotPixel is established by Caner Ercan and Tarık Can Sandal.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a firm that is innovative, creative, satisfactory in the field of technology with our expert and experienced staff.

Our Mission

Our mission is to meet the demands and expectations at the highest level by always improving the product and service quality, to form an emotional bond with people with a strong communication and to provide quality service.

Burak Demirci Render
Jaime Diaz Alvarez Render
Serkan Çakır Render
CÒNA Archviz Render
Cihan Özkan Render

What Our Users Have To Say

"I would especially like to say that Lotpixel is my primary choice in 3D models while creating a natural environment. The quality of the models is at a completely different level.
Thanks for this amazing library!"

Burak Demirci

What Our Users Have To Say

"I recently discovered lotpixel.com and I must say the quality of textures and assets is just amazing."

Jaime Diaz Alvarez

What Our Users Have To Say

"LotPixel.com's extensive library of 3D assets and textures brings depth and realism to my projects. With high-quality materials for every need, I can seamlessly express my creativity."

Serkan Çakır

Render Studio

What Our Users Have To Say

"I certainly elevated my interior design projects with LotPixel's high-quality textures! I can't stop to try new material combinations everytime!"

Mattia Turnu

CÒNA - Archviz

What Our Users Have To Say

"The textures on Lotpixel.com provide me to work on my projects more quickly and efficiently."

Cihan Özkan

We Have Been Trusted By

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