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Frequently Asked Questions


Lotpixel's Users license grant members the ability to make use of the products for personal, educational, or commercial purposes as long as
those purposes are in accordance with member’s license type and do not violate User Lisans for example:

1-You may not resell, redistribute, or repackage the assets
2-You may not use the assets in a competitive use case
3-You may not use the assets to create a logo or trademark of any kind (Previously copyrighted logos and trademarks can be rendered using our assets, but that version may not be then copyrighted).

Anyone can use our Free assets for commercial purposes, including teams, companies, personal. However our standard use restrictions still apply.

We spend a great deal of time, money and effort building our assets, so there are a number of restrictions on their use:

You can't share, sell, license, redistribute or repackage our assets even if they've been modified, directly or indirectly.

This includes providing scene files to clients with LotPixel assets in a whole or easily extractable state. If you're on a team plan, you can share assets with other users also on your team plan.

You can't use our assets in cloud rendering, design software or games where the users have direct or indirect access to the assets for uses such as designing rooms, buildings, levels or scenes.

You can't use our assets in any form of Machine Learning (ML) or Artificial Intelligence (AI) models, neural networks or applications.

You can't use our assets to create a logo, trademark or copyright of any kind.

If you feel that your intended use of LotPixel assets isn't reflected in the common cases above, please contact us so we can better understand your intent.

New assets are released on a weekly basis.

Unfortunately no, this is considered redistribution as both textures and models will be included in the distribution of the sample scene.

Your invoice would be sent to you via email. Also, you can find it under “History” tab on My Profile.

Unfortunately no. Baking textures or embedding models and textures is considered redistribution or competitive use and is not allowed as per our terms and conditions.

Unfortunately no. This is considered redistribution or competitive use and is expressly prohibited by our User License.

Unfortunately no. Redistribution of Lotpixel assets is expressly prohibited by our TACOS. If you are interested in a Custom Studio License allowing for redistribution, please contact Support and tell us about your use case.

If any usage and redistribution of Lotpixel assets are involved, then unfortunately no. This is explicitly prohibited by our User License.

If you have entered your TAX number in the billing details, we will add that to your invoice.

The highest resolution available is 16k. All 3D scans support 8K maps, and the max resolution for surfaces range between 1k – 2k – 4k – 8k – 16k depending on surface area (1 x 1 m / 2 x 2 m / 3 x 3 m).

Maps can be downloaded as either 8 bits - 24bit per channel JPG. The JPG file formats have been selected simply because of their efficient file size. Meshes can be downloaded as either FBX and OBJ.

Yes! After you purchase a texture or asset, they are considered an "Acquired Asset". You can redownload acquired assets, in any of the available formats available for that asset, for as many times as you like! You can find it under “History” tab on My Profile.

Payment Security

Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted.

American Express Bank requests payment in the currency of the country where the company is located. Due to exchange rate fluctuations, there may be changes in prices. If you are charged more than the specified fee, please contact us for a partial refund.

Dynamic 3DS system allows you to give our customers a flawless experience by simply redirecting only the risky payments to 3DS verification process thanks to AI, meanwhile low risk payments are completed in miliseconds.

The payment system of our site is made by Iyzico.

The simplest way of payment, Pay with iyzico, allows you to pay in the fastest and safest way either through your debit card or bank/electronic funds transfer.


Our plans depend on your team size and your yearly revenue or funds raised.

-Freelance License Your account will be credited with 45 Credits per month which may be used to download LotPixel Assets from the Service,
-Indie License Your account will be credited with 90 Credits per month which may be used to download LotPixel Assets from the Service,
-The Studio License is for entities using the Service for commercial purposes. The Studio License gives You an unlimited number of Permitted Users who must all be Your personnel,
and access to an unlimited number of LotPixel Assets available from the Service.

If you have taken our subscription, you can use the downloaded assets in your projects and use them commercially abiding by the User License. You cannot directly share, distribute or sell the downloaded items strictly.

If you have purchased credits or if you have credits left from your old subscription, you can use the products you purchased with them for commercial purposes.

You may cancel your subscription anytime. Amount paid for the subscription is not refundable. You can use it until your credits run out.

To cancel subscription, visit the My Profile page and Press “Cancel Subscriptions ” Button.

As per your subscription plan, download credits are awarded on a monthly basis as per your billing cycle.
These credits can be used to download assets. Any unused credits are carried over in the next month provided you have an active subscription. If you run out of credits you can purchase a Extra Credits.

Cancel your current subscription plan and subscribe to the new plan. The plan change shall be applicable only after the expiry date of your current subscription plan.

You may continue to use the same plan for the term you are allotted to use that plan as per plan details. In order to switch to the new plan, cancel your old plan and subscribe to a new subscription plan after the completion of your current billing cycle.

At the end of 1 week, it tries to withdraw the fee again. If no fee is paid, your account will be converted to free account.

Yearly plans offer more value as you get a discounted rate for paying for 12 months up-front.

All prices are in USD, EURO, TL

Yes, they do include VAT.

You cannot buy a monthly membership with a debit card. You can buy the annual membership with a debit card. Options for this are presented in the Pricing page.

Yes! Once you have downloaded them, you can use them when needed. However all usage, whether your subscription is active or expired, must fall within all of our TACOS and also within your plan's limits.


You get credits in your account according to your subscription plan. Credits required to download a product are mentioned along with the product.
Once you click the “DOWNLOAD” button, credits are deducted from your credit balance and the download start automatically.
If you have already downloaded a product and have an active subscription, the product is considered as re-download and no credits are deducted in that case.

Your unused credits roll over each month as long as you have an active subscription.

If you have purchased the assets, you can download unlimited.

Depending on your subscription plan, your download credits are allotted every month which is linked to your billing cycle. This information can be seen on your accounts page under “Credits” tab.
In addition, you can also re-download assets without any cost.

The credits required to download an asset are mentioned along with the asset.

To download an asset, you need to have an active subscription plan and sufficient credit balance in your account.
Click the “DOWNLOAD” button and the download starts automatically. You can see your credit balance by clicking on your name in the top right.

There is an icon on the top right of the assets indicating that you have purchased it. You can see it under “History” tab on My Profile.

If you run out of credits you can get a extra credits from section on Pricing.