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Asset Use & Licensing

Asset Use & Licensing Guidelines for LotPixel

The following information is just a summary, for complete information see our terms and conditions.

The way you can utilize LotPixel assets hinges on the specific license you hold, which itself is determined by the method through which you've obtained these assets, be it through subscription or a direct purchase.

What license do I have?

  • Free license applies to free assets which can be used for personal, education or commercial use by anyone.
  • Freelance License Your account will be credited with 45 Credits per month which may be used to download LotPixel Assets from the Service.
  • Indie License Your account will be credited with 90 Credits per month which may be used to download LotPixel Assets from the Service.
  • The Studio License is for entities using the Service for commercial purposes. The Studio License gives You an unlimited number of Permitted Users who must all be Your personnel, and access to an unlimited number of LotPixel Assets available from the Service.

What can I do with LotPixel Assets?

All LotPixel assets can be used for personal, education or commercial use as part of your own unique creations in 2D or 3D for architectural and product visualizations, advertising, games, movies, tv shows, web design and printed media.

What can't I do with LotPixel assets?

To protect the integrity and value of LotPixel assets, certain restrictions apply, including but not limited to. We spend a great deal of time, money and effort building our assets, so there are a number of restrictions on their use:

Redistribution, resale, or sharing of assets outside the bounds of your licensed users is prohibited. This includes baked textures.

Use of assets in any form of real-time rendering or applications that grant end-users access to the assets is not permitted. You can't use our assets in cloud rendering, design software or games where the users have direct or indirect access to the assets for uses such as designing rooms, buildings, levels or scenes.

Incorporating assets into machine learning, AI models, or applications; or using them for creating logos or trademarks is strictly forbidden. You can't use our assets to create a logo, trademark or copyright of any kind.

If you feel that your intended use of LotPixel assets isn't reflected in the common cases above, please contact us so we can better understand your intent.

Such applications typically allow broader access to the assets, which conflicts with our licensing terms.

Unfortunately, modifying and reselling assets or using them in a way that constitutes redistribution is not in line with our licensing terms.

This would be considered a form of redistribution and is not allowed under our terms.

For any scenarios not covered or if you have specific questions regarding the use of LotPixel assets, reaching out directly to [email protected] is the best course of action to ensure compliance and to discuss possible solutions.

This adaptation provides a general framework for how LotPixel might structure their asset use and licensing guidelines, drawing inspiration from the provided example while ensuring it's tailored to fit the LotPixel context. Always refer to the actual LotPixel terms and conditions for precise and legally binding guidelines.

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