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What Is Affiliate Program?

What Is Affiliate Program?

Affiliate marketing is a system designed for you, the artist, infiluancer or teacher, to make the content you offer both interesting and to generate income while you offer the content.

How to generate income?

You can earn this money by reaching out to people who like Lotpixel's services through a video, share, or other comparable content. You earn money when people use your referral code to register on our site and purchase things.
In the affiliate dashboard, you can view the revenue made from the purchase and build methods to generate more cash by adjusting your sharing techniques.

How much income can be earned?

There is no limit to the income to be earned. You can earn $0.01 cents per user who registers with your referral, and you can earn a 30% share of sales. The more people you reach, the more likely you are to earn income.

How can I earn more income?

This is entirely up to your sharing consistency. The more often and quality content you produce and share, the more income you will have the chance to earn. Apart from this suggestion, the biggest suggestion we can give you is that we have more than 1500 free texture libraries. You can highlight this library.

What kind of content should it be?

At the basic point, it is better to reach people who understand lotpixel's service and are interested in this sector. For this reason, it may be a more logical choice to have an audience related to topics such as 3d modeling, architecture visualization, game art and to make content related to these topics. But if you are addressing a wide audience, there is no obstacle in this. You can share your posts as you wish and introduce us to your audience.

Suggestions for posts

- Posts emphasizing the existence of our free products can be remarkable for your followers and viewers.

- Stating that they are produced with 3 different methods, photogrammetry, photometric stereo and procedural, and that they are of high quality may attract the attention of your viewers.

- If you shoot a video using our products in a scene design, 3d modeling or similar, you will also show the use of our products.

Are there any restrictions on sharing?

In general, we do not release content producers. However, if we come across a post that is contrary to our company operation and character, we may contact you and ask you to remove the post in question. If you want a more details you can read terms.

If you want check all question on frequently asked question and begin to sign up affiliate membership.

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