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What is Texture
and 3D Model?

Let's explain briefly

What Is Texture and 3D Model?

What is texture and 3d model?

   Texture and material are often confused with each other by people working on 3D artworks. In fact, both are pretty important for 3D art. Without texture and material, 3D work would looks like it’s just a gray scene. Texture and material are used when painting the 3D models. This situation, might be more complicated when it comes to details. Because texture and material are actually different from each other. But sometimes it can be used interchangeably to refer to the skin of the model.

   A 3D model can contain more than one material. But it is not possible to have more than one texture. It is possible to make materials and textures by hand. Some artists use both techniques together to gain effect. However, it is necessary to examine it one by one to see the 3D modelling work flow.

What is texture?

   Texture are indispensable for 3D works. These textures are used to overlay 3D objects. Most artists can create their own texture for any piece of work. This shows that textures are superior quality. Textures can also be created procedurally. The artists can also create textures in programs such as Photoshop. In some 3D modellings, it is also possible to have more than one texture. It is possible to get very successful results with combining textures.

What is 3D Model?

   3D Model is a case of creating the mathematical process of an object for a specific purpose. It is a modeling system that was initially complex but became simpler over time. It is possible to become a 3D artist by doing various practices and following the instructions.

In wich business sector are 3D models and textures used?

   3D Model and texture are often used on the movies, on the television, in the video games, in the architecture, in the construction, in the product development, in the science and medical industries to visualize simulation and graphic design. 3D models have a wide usage area. 3D models are frequently used especially at the fantasy films. The odd creatures on the movie are created by the professional use of the 3D model. The 3D modeling technique is applied thanks to textures and materials.

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