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What is texture and what does it do?

what is texture and what does it do

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Texture can be defined as the look or feel of the texture on the surface. We can give examples such as the rough or tender feel of a fabric, the rough or smooth surface of a rock, and the bark or smooth surface of a tree. In addition to this, the texture is a mostly used concept in art, design, graphic design, and other visual media fields.

In computer games, the texture is a prominent component that visually creates the game world and offers a realistic experience to the players. Textures are view files that describe the details and properties of objects and surfaces.

whats mean texture on game

What is texture?

The proper benefit of textures can make the game world more realistic. For example, a tree's texture can state the appearance of the tree's bark texture, branches, and leaves. These details allow players to view the objects and environment in the game world in a more realistic and detailed way.

Game developers work to find ways to use textures without affecting the game show. This is because high-quality textures can reduce game performance due to high memory requirements and top resolutions. Therefore, game developers use different techniques to make the game world realistic without textures affecting performance. For example, mipmapping allows textures to be stored and used at different resolution levels, so lower-resolution textures can be used for farther objects. The importance of textures plays a big role in the realism of the game world and in terms of making the players sense the game better. Thus, game developers work to use textures effectively without affecting the game show. The usage of texture in the architectural sector also plays a major role in the visual plan of buildings and interiors.

Textures define the properties and texture of surfaces used in architectural models. The right use of textures helps to present architectural designs realistically. For example, it can identify wood texture, wood texture, color and surface cracks, and crusts used in architectural modeling. This increases the realism of the project and gives customers or potential investors a better opinion. As a result, the use of texture in the architectural zone increases the realism of designs, helping to provide a better idea to customers and likely investors.

Texture can smoothly increase the visual appeal of a visual design, making the design as a whole more realistic and perceptible. It can reflect the real-life feel of objects, surfaces, and materials and assist the viewer to have more sensory experiences. Also, texture can create a visual design that reflects the feel of a touchpad, allowing users to know more about the product. In this article, we will talk about 4 different applications and the importance of using texture in these applications.


Unity is a game engine and game development environment. Unity allows game developers to form and distribute 2D or 3D games. Besides, texture plays a significant role in Unity because it creates the surfaces of game objects and environments.

In Unity, to attach a texture to the surface of a matter, a texture file must first be created or acquired. This texture file can be, for example, an image or a photograph, a pattern, or a material texture. Then it can be used to import this texture file in Unity.

Texture helps game objects look realistic and game environments feel more natural in Unity. Additionally, to improve the actual performance of the game, the size and quality of the textures can be adjusted and optimized.

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is another game engine and game development program. It originally allows game developers to build and make 2D or 3D games. Texture plays an important role in Unreal Engine because it renders the face of game objects.

After the texture file is imported, it is necessary to create a material in Unreal Engine and assign the texture file to the material. The material represents the material that makes up the surface of an object.

This material can be used to apply the texture file to the surface. Adjusting material properties in the Unreal Engine, such as reflection, lighting, and color, can change the appearance of the surface and increase the effect of the texture.

Unreal engine how to import 3d model
Corona render 3d model importing


Corona is a game engine used to develop cross-platform mobile applications and games. Textures, on the other hand, play an important role in Corona's game development process.

Game developers use textures to make the game environment look detailed and believable, and they prefer to use high-quality textures to give players a realistic experience.


Lumion is a game engine developed for mobile devices. Textures play an important role in Lumion's game development process. Moreover, game developers utilize textures to make the game environment look detailed and believable, and they prefer to use high-quality textures to give players a realistic experience.

Lumion also provides developers with pre-made textures that they can use in games and applications. These textures can help developers create their games or apps more quickly and easily.

However, game engines like Lumion can provide platforms where developers can access textures and other materials online, which can reduce factors that negatively impact game development.

Lumion texture using

As a result, the texture is a usually used concept in graphic design and game development. Textures are visual elements that cover the surfaces of 2D or 3D models in digital environments. Game developers use textures to make the game environment look detailed and realistic. Textures greatly affect the atmosphere of the game and the experience offered to the players. Additionally, high-quality textures offer players a more realistic and believable experience, while low-quality textures can reduce the quality of the game.

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